Consulting Services

Our goal is to help you achieve peak performance and efficiency to maximize your long-term cost savings and return on your investment. Century understands the moving parts of an on-premise laundry and can assist you in evaluating all aspects of linen management including: linen handling and wash processing, quality control, infection control, cost control, safety, and the optimal equipment mix customized to your facility.


Peak efficiency requires properly sized equipment capable of producing the pounds per hour necessary to meet your operational and staffing requirements. We factor in textile composition, labor hours, linen par, soiled linen sorting and clean linen distribution.


Experience matters when designing an efficient on-premise laundry room. Proper utility sizing, equipment mix and layout are mission critical aspects of laundry design. Additionally, understanding state regulatory requirements regarding healthcare facilities has a large impact on the design and layout of a laundry room. Adhering to local and municipal construction codes is another factor to consider in design.


Labor and utilities are generally the highest operational costs in a laundry. Utilizing state-of-the-art high efficiency washers and dryers can significantly reduce both labor hours and utility consumption at the same time.


Century Contract Services, an affiliate of Century Laundry, provides a customized Comprehensive Care Program (CCP) designed to offer Century’s laundry customers access to the latest high efficiency laundry machinery without the capital expenditure associated with a purchase.